I have been suffering with anxiety and depression for over 3 years, and found that any medication or therapy offered to me by my GP either did not take effect on me, or gave me undesirable side effects. When I approached Howard with my symptoms, he assured me that acupuncture could have a positive effect on my mental health, as well as generally improving my well being. Howard really took time in the all the sessions to listen to my difficulties, asking me any number of questions about my diet, sleeping patterns and more. I finally felt like somebody was genuinely concerned about my health, and would as much as they could to help me. The acupuncture sessions were relaxed, and I felt confident that Howard would look after me. After 5 sessions of acupuncture, I could feel my anxiety levels had lowered, and I was coping with situations hat I would have for difficult beforehand. After 10 sessions, I feel that my anxiety has dramatically reduced. The acupuncture helped me through a difficult 3 months after coming off antidepressants, I was able to cope with strong emotions that would have otherwise overcome me. I would definitely recommend asking Howard what he could do for you.


I had a cortisone injection in one shoulder for frozen shoulder and it worked fine. When I got pain in the other shoulder the injection didn’t work. My wife told me about Howard who does acupuncture so I thought I would give it a try. It definitely helped. I could start to lift things again and actually got some sleep. I had 3 treatments and the pain was much better. After about 7 it was nearly gone. Howard said it may come back and he encouraged me to let my doctors know what was going on when it did come back before coming for acupuncture.


Nearly three years ago I was diagnosed with a stress related illness, and whilst being treated under the normal NHS programme, I was strongly advised to seek private alternative therapy, by a friend who had suffered a similar experience, and they recommended Acupuncture. What’s Acupuncture? After browsing the Internet, and doing a little homework, I went in search of a local acupuncturist. I came across Howard’s web page and contacted him to make my 1st appointment. I was sceptical about my initial visit, but after my opening consultation and 1st treatment, I left with improved confidence and an appointment for a few weeks’ time. After the first few months, I noticed a significant progression in the way I felt, and my condition started to stabilise. Over two years on and I still have regular acupuncture treatments. I find Howard, approachable and honest, and his knowledge and ability to personalise the treatments incredible. He is clearly committed to his profession and giving his patients the best care possible.