Shiatsu is a hands-on Japanese healing therapy which has roots dating back over 1000 years. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience and can help to prevent the build up of stress in our daily lives. Treatments are received on the floor on a futon or on a couch.

Shiatsu for back pain

Shiatsu pressure is applied through a layer of clothing. Shiatsu draws on traditional Chinese medicine and makes use of the meridian network and points which Acupuncturists use. Shiatsu encourages a deep calming of mind and body to take place. Many treatments may include both acupuncture and shiatsu if this is acceptable to the patient. Musculo-skeletal conditions and stress related issues respond well to shiatsu alone or with acupuncture alongside.

Neck and shoulder release shiatsu.

In our everyday work we are often seated working at a computer. This has a big impact on out posture, neck, shoulders and back. Shiatsu can help prevent the long term consequences which can be recurring or chronic pain.

Shiatsu has its own unique way of diagnosis and treatment. Posture is examined for deficiency, excess and’ blockages’, a hara or back diagnosis is carried out and possibly meridian palpation/ scanning. The image below shows Hara diagnosis.

Shiatsu diagnosis is done by touching each meridian zone in the hara.

In treatments I sometimes demonstrate the basic skills of shiatsu and/or Qigong exercises to help patients help themselves.