Tai Chi Curriculum Outline

Tai Chi Curriculum Outline

Tai Chi Style

The Style taught is Yang Family Style, or simply Yang Style. The form for all students is the Cheng Man-ching Short Form. This is 42 postures long and takes approcimately 10-15 minutes to carry out.Learning the basic sequence (to perform without teacher support) can be accomplished in 1 year with dedication and practise. Most people take longer. There is no hurry and everyone proceeds at their own pace.


The qigong sets I teach are 5 Element and Tai Chi Qigong Shabashi. You will also learn the fundamentals of standing Qigong call Zhan Zhuang (Pr. Jan-Jong). The purpose of Qigong is to strengthen and balance your internal energy , or qi. Qi Gong literally mean energy-work, or energy-discipline. The breath and breathing pattern is very important to this. Silk-reeling Qigong is taught alongside the Tai Chi to teach softness of breathing and movement combined.

Tai Chi Warm-up Exercises

There are a whole range of warm-up exercises to teach relaxed free movement, working from your axis and centre, opening of the joins and activating stagnating energy.

Paired Exercises

These are chances to explore aspect of tai chi energy in movement with a partner. These are non-competitive and done without force. They are to teach relaxation, trust and how you connect with a partner’s energy and space.