Battlefield Acupuncture

Battlefield Acupuncture

I recently attended a short session of Professional Development introducing the technique of Battlefield Acupuncture developed by the US Airforce. Battlefield Acupuncture Battlefield Acupuncture points.

The term Battlefield Acupuncture (BA) and methodology developed by Colonel (Dr) Niemtzow in 2002 to achieve very rapid pain relief (Acute or Chronic). Battlefield Acupuncture employs French semi-permanent (ASP) gold needles in very specific points in the ear: Cingulate Gyrus, Thalamus, Omega 2, Point Zero and Shen Men. What is it used for? PAIN!

Ambulatory Care/Emergency Room: Acute Sprains/Strains Back, Neck, Ankle, Arms, Legs Migraine Headaches Post OP pain Battlefield pain when narcotics are not desired

Characteristics of BA:

•Easy to Teach

ASP Needles are tiny and inserted using the small (2.5cm) plastic 'injectors' show here.

•Sealed Sterilized Needles Can be Carried in Pocket •Rapid: Seconds to Insert •Designed for Hostile Environment (though can be used elswhere!!) •No Need to Disrobe/Expose Body Parts •Needle Disposal Not Problematic •Results: 1-3 Day Pain Reduction (conservative) I have used the BA protocol several times now with mixed results. It seems to be more effective with new, acute pain than chronic long-term pain. However the number of patients are not significant yet and I cannot draw any fixed conclusions.