Acupuncture and IVF

In my acupuncture practice I find an increasing number of patients are seeking boost fertility with acupuncture or are looking for support with a IVF treatments. Purely on my experience in treating these men and women I have found that the successful IVF treatment with acupuncture has been approx 80%.  This is of course a small sample of patients and hardly significant as proof of efficacy.  But nevertheless reassuring for me as a practitioner! Recently a number of different women have asked for treatment to help with the process of a natural birth or induce a birth which is nearing term.  Success is difficult to judge and the numbers are very low at present. I have found the following You Tube links give some guidance on acupoints that can be used alongside acupuncture to move the natural birth process along when within the last two weeks of the pregnancy.  Please note that these points should not be massaged earlier in the pregnancy and certainly not in the first trimester.