Acupuncture Styles

The Styles of Acupuncture which I use are:

  • Dr. Tans Balance Method
  • Five Elements
  • TCM
  • Meridian Acupuncture

I select the style to use based on the health needs of each patient.

Acupuncture is done on specific points on the body, each point can have several health effects.

Dr Tan’s Balance Method

This approach uses acu-points on the limbs to stop pain and illness in other meridians in the body. It is based on the inter-relationships between the meridians (such as yin and yang meridians) and parts of the body. In this method the problem area is not usually needled, for example arm or leg points may be used to stop a head ache, or indigestion etc. Body points are not usually employed, treatment is done using the powerful Transporting Points on the arms and legs, and sometimes head points. Feedback from the patient is paramount during the treatment and much store is placed on tender Ah’shi points. It is a very effective method and becoming widely used. Diagnosis is made by identifying those meridians which are out of balance through examination, palpation and questioning.

Five Elements Method

This approach is based on diagnosis using the Five Elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood, Often using tongue and pulse and observation of complexion, voice and symptoms. Each Element or Process has is own characteristics and relationship to other Elements and when the relationship between the Elements break down then illness can occur. Acupuncture is used to strengthen and harmonise the processes between the Elements. Each Element relates to the organs, meridians and emotions of a person. I often use this method when patients have stress, anxiety and other spiritual or emotional issues. This method uses points on the limbs.

Acupuncture for shoulder and neck pain

TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine

This method is based the relationships between the meridians and the internal organs, or, Zang-fu. Diagnosis involves identifying a ‘syndrome’ characterised by a deficiency, a vital substance disorder, a form of stagnation or an ‘invasion’ by a pathogen. This method uses body points on the trunk and points on the limbs. Diagnosis is made by symptom descriptions, tongue and pulse.

Meridian Style

This method is most similar to Dr Tans method and uses the 12 main meridians and the 8 extra meridians. Diagnosis is done by taking a case history and by palpation along the extremities of meridians to diagnose a meridian’s ‘health’. Points are used on both body and limbs.